Client Newborn Guide

Congratulations and thank you so much for allowing me the honour of creating beautiful newborn images for you and your family. I hope that together we can craft gorgeous, timeless images for you and your children to look back on.

My style is called "lifestyle". This means I will simply be capturing you being you. I do guide you into poses that create genuine, authentic images but for the most part you will be capturing you naturally interact with your baby and your family. When I come into your home the day of our session, I will bring my camera and only that. If requested, I will bring muslin wraps for your baby, headbands for baby girls and a baby outfit if needed.

Please take some time to read through the following information as you prepare yourself and your family for your upcoming newborn session!


Lighting! As a natural light photographer, lighting is everything to me. As soon as we book our session, I ask of you to take note of the best time of day that your house gets light and that is when we will schedule your session. Please do take photos of your favourite rooms at the best time of the day and send them to me so I can have an idea before I arrive. Since I don’t use any external light sources it’s best to turn off all the lights in the home during the day and observe how much light comes into those rooms at those specific times. Typically newborn sessions are taken in the Master Bedroom, Nursery and Living Room. Have these rooms tidy in a way that you would want them portrayed in photographs. Remove anything from the rooms that you wouldn’t want in the photos (water bottles, tissues, laundry baskets, etc). I also may ask if I can move furniture around a little bit if there is a beautiful light source to use but something is in the way. When I arrive, I ask that you show me around your home so that I can also take a look at how the light comes through your house as I may see light or a beautiful space for photos that you might not have considered, such as a staircase, bay windows and unique walls. This helps me plan out the session right at the beginning and helps me determine what photographs I will take in different rooms. I also want to look for any uniqueness you may have in your home that will make for great images!

What to Wear

This is the age-old question that goes with all sessions. I am so happy to help with wardrobe but the most important thing is to wear outfits that still make you feel like you. I want you to look back on your gallery 10 years from now and see yourself in your images knowing that's who you were. I don't want you to look back and think "that doesn't look like me at all".

Some of my favourite things are layers, textures and comfortable clothing. Neutral or soft colours are best with newborns as it avoids colour casts on their skin and is also a timeless look. Try and avoid deep black shirts for parents, dark are is better and leggings are totally fine!


As you think about your colour palette, imagine your family being one complete piece of artwork. Each person/outfit is going to bring the entire image together. Instead of everyone wearing the same shade of blue - think about what accent colours go with blue. Start with your outfit. Comfy leggings that you can sit in any position and feel comfortable. A comfortable tunic, sweater or t-shirt with a nice textured cardigan. Once you find what you are wearing and the colours in your shirt, cardigan or sweater you can begin to plan the rest of the family. Please feel free to send me outfit options and I will gladly let you know what will photograph best!

Session Length & When to Book

The length of a newborn session will vary. I only book one newborn session per day to allow as much time as we need so it can run calmly and smoothly. My main goal is to make sure you are relaxed and not feeling as if we are rushed. Typically the average time for a newborn session is two hours. This allows time for feedings and changes throughout the session (and extra cuddles). If it takes longer, then that is ok! If baby is sleeping sometimes it even takes less time. This is such a special time in your life and I want it to be perfect.

We have probably have discussed when it is best to book your newborn session already since I am sending you this newborn guide. But, in the haze of being a brand new mom, some things can be forgotten. Lifestyle sessions can be booked within the first two weeks, typically within the first 7-10 days is best. Sometimes at that 10 day mark babies like to be awake much longer and are easier to startle. This is when your brand new baby is still sleeping the most, that being said, please let me know within the first 2-3 days of having your baby so we can discuss how you are feeling and when you are ready to book. I always recommend taking a few days to get to know your baby and their schedule and also to give you time to settle into your new life as a parent. This also allows me to reschedule any other sessions I may have that week as my newborn sessions take priority.

During our session my goal is to have your newborn baby (and you, the parents) feel safe and comfortable. To ensure you to have a low stress and happy session, I always ensure these simple things.


Newborns are accustomed to warm, cozy environments so I ask of you to turn the heat to a warm comfortable temperature so your baby can keep their body temperature perfect and we can change them without them being cold (do not worry about this in the warm hot summer months). If you have an outfit picked out already, please have baby dressed in it before I arrive. Toeless outfits work best to grab images of their tiny baby toes. If you would like me to have an outfit for you, I can always drop it off a day or two before so you can make sure it fits and you can have baby dressed in the outfit for when I arrive. It is smoother to wrap on-top of the babies outfit then to get them cold and naked to wrap them!


Usually, a fed baby is a happy baby! Feeding your baby an hour before I arrive and right when I arrive keeps their tummy full during the majority of our session. If you feed your baby in an outfit or sleeper you'd like in the photos we can start our session as soon as I arrive or as soon as baby falls asleep. Again, sleepers with open toes are best so we can get those tiny little details without undressing them. If your baby doesn't want to feed before I get there or when I arrive then please do not worry, we will have time for breaks! A bath before our session to keep them awake for an hour will also do wonders during the session to keep the sleepy!

Moms, Dads and Siblings

I want to ensure I capture photographs of you with your new baby together, seperate and as a family.


You have waited nine months to meet your baby so I will make sure I photograph you with your little one. I will take images of you cuddling close to capture the bond you have created. I will capture your loving gaze and pure love that is pouring out of your eyes. In the haze of being a new mom, sometimes these moments are lost memories. You can feel the most immeasurable love for your new baby but you can't always see what you are feeling. I will make sure you see this love.


While your wife gets to carry and bond with your baby for nine months in her tummy, it's when your baby is born that you get to create your special moments and build a trust and bond just as strong as your wife. I love capturing dad's hold their newborn babies in their hands and on their chests. It creates such a special images that shows both a brand new bond and just how little your newborn is.


I always follow their queue. I let try to let the images happen organically but I so also help guide with posing to let those moments unfold naturally. I promise to get those precious memories of them touching their little nose, holding their tiny fingers to compare the tiny size of each of their hands. Once your second baby is born, your first baby seems so big so instantly. They are still so small and I will capture those details for you to look back on.

A Few Additional Thoughts

If you have any special items you would like to add to our session, please set them aside and let me know. I will add them in throughout the session. I am so incredibly honoured to capture this special time in your life. Thank you for trusting me to capture these moments for you and your family. I truly love what I do and find immense happiness knowing I have given you the gift of lasting memories to not only you but to your children as they grow.

Moms! If you are thinking about doing hair and makeup professionally for our session, I highly recommend Fallyn from Posh Beauty. She can do your makeup and a classic wave or curl to your hair during your makeup appointment. Find her on Instagram under @poshbeautyco and facebook under Posh Beauty Co.

I look forward to meeting you and your family. Thank you for taking the time to read this guide. If you have any questions or concerns at all before we meet for our session please do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to ease any concerns you may have.